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Julie Bauke
Julie Bauke
Chief Career Happiness Officer
The Bauke Group




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Job Search Advice from Julie Bauke of The Bauke Group

You want the right job, not just any job! To ensure that you are conducting your search in the most productive, effective way possible, we have partnered with Career Strategist Julie Bauke to help you keep your search on track. We think you will find her tips and her insights to be helpful at all stages of your search. Click the titles below to hear Julie speak.

Planning Your Search is Critical!
Everything is better with a plan, right? Take a breath! Don’t contact anyone until you are ready.

Think you are Ready to Begin your Search?
You are ready when you can thoughtfully answer the Three Questions

Remember – It is All About You (or at least it starts there)
What is “ideal” for you?  You are not a fit everywhere- nor should you want to be!

You Must Manage Between Your Ears!
Losing your job is emotional, but displaying those emotions in your search is risky.


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