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We are a targeted job board with a local and national reach, catering exclusively to local Finance, Accounting & IT professionals.

With tens of thousands of job sites to choose from, trying to decide where to spend your recruitment dollars in order to find the best talent is not easy. Posting on multiple job boards, sifting through unqualified applicants, purchasing resume database access, and conducting endless keyword searches for passive job seekers, all make finding the best candidates a costly and time consuming process, with no guarantee of results.

FinanceITjobs.com’s  Job Matching Algorithm Technology enhances recruiting by helping hiring companies target and rank qualified talent with ease. Applicants are automatically screened, graded and ranked, so you can focus on the best matches first.

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With our  job matching algorithm technology job board we will help you land the perfect job in today’s Finance, Accounting & IT market with much less effort.Our new real-time job matching technology filters out the posts you don’t want and automatically matches you to the jobs you do want and qualify for.

  • Immediately review jobs you qualify for based on your user profile & resume
  • Save time by applying with our One-Click application feature
  • Keep accurate tracking of all your job applications
  • Communicate with employers through your account (in real-time)
  • Receive job alerts about new job matches while maintaining complete anonymity
  • Be found by employers who are interested in your skills and work experience

Our Purpose and Our Goal –  Help as many people as we are able to help. Changing careers and finding talent is not always easy. We want to make it easier for everyone.


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