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Why is a targeted job board, catering exclusively to Finance, Accounting & IT professionals.

CheckMark Job Matching Algorithm Technology enhances recruiting by targeting and ranking talent with ease.
CheckMark Get up to 4X the qualified response compared to the leading job boards
CheckMark Applicants are automatically screened, graded and ranked.
CheckMark FREE access to our resume database.
CheckMark One Click Job Post. Your jobs are distributed to over a 1000 + job boards and publications. Reaching Millions of job seekers locally and nationally. 

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What You Get

Reach Millions of job seekers across hundreds of regional, industry, niche and diversity job sites and job search engines.
Each posting is optimized to rank higher in relevant search result on job search engines for better visibility.
Instantly access passive and active job seekers from our vast resume database tool at no additional charge.
Leverage the power of social networks. Your jobs will be distributed across more than 10,000 job channels on Twitter and Facebook Marketplace.
Targeted distribution campaigns to hundreds of relevant paid job sites are designed based on your specific job type at no extra charge!
Job posting activity is monitored in real-time, and optimization and distribution campaigns are automatically adjusted to maximize qualified response.









Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach passive job seekers? combines the candidate matching and searching into a single seamless automatic process. When a job is posted it’s automatically matched with qualified and interested candidates in our database. We automatically show you a graded and ranked list. We also send these candidates an alert about your job and allow you to communicate with them directly.

What is the job distribution model?

Our job site sends your jobs to thousands of sites including many for-a-fee job sites. Our network of sites includes many newspapers, TV and radio stations, chambers of commerce, social networks, blogs and many other high traffic sites that serve specific verticals Finance, Accounting, IT and Sales. Take a look at our partners. Click HERE

Job Matching Algorithm Technology! What does it mean to me?

Traditional job sites force candidates to enter keywords or categories in order to search. Our site uses Job Matching Algorithm Technology. Candidates upload their resumes and preferences while the employers enter job descriptions and qualifying questions. The system matches jobs with candidates. No more wading through hundreds of irrelevant job postings or unqualified resumes. Using the FinanceITjobs recruitment system candidates can home-in on the jobs they qualify for and are interested in, and employers can focus on the most qualified candidates for their jobs.

What payment options do I have?

We offer a variety of payment options. You will be prompted with available options after you create the posting and click on “Post a Job” button which will direct you to the final payment page.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, nothing is holding you to use

Customer Testimonials

Very impressed with our hiring results. We received more applicants than we did from LinkedIn. So I have to say that we have been successful in using, and thank you!

star eCommerce Services Company, Recruiting IT Lead, Cincinnati Ohio

As a third party recruitment firm that does not typically utilize job boards, I found myself looking for an alternative during a recent search which was quite challenging.  After checking CareerBuilder and Monster which produced no potential candidates, I came across a job board named which specialized in the type of role I was working on at the time. produced multiple candidates and categorized them by their level of fit to the job description.  I was very pleased with the quick turnaround, the quality of candidates, and the personalized touch which was offered.  Should I find myself in this situation again, I would definitely use this resource again.

starPresident, Human Resource Pros, LLC.

I wish I would have found months ago. I moved from Cleveland to Dayton Ohio and have been looking for a job for four months. I stumbled upon job board and created an account to submit my resume.  The next day I get a personal email and a phone call.  Someone was willing to take the time out of their day to show me better ways to market myself in my resume and through social media.  They even sent my resume to recruiters for me.    I have not received this kind of professional assistance and one-on-one service when looking for a job especially from a job board. went above and beyond to help me.

star Senior Accountant – Dayton, OH has become one of my favorite job seeker sites. The site niche lets you target exactly who you are looking for. I have hired several candidates via FinanceITjobs. Almost every candidate I received from the site was specifically qualified for my positions. The name of the game is “quality not quantity”!

Senior Recruiter, Paycor – Cincinnati, OH

FinanceITjobs is what I was looking for in a job board and it’s easy to use!

 Accounting Manager – Covington, KY

I love the fact that targets a niche.  The site has been great for us to grow our applicant pool with high-quality, relevant profiles.  Most importantly, we’ve made offers to candidates coming through FinanceITjobs!

Talent Acquisition Director, fIRST Financial Bank – Cincinnati, OH