What is FinanceITjobs.com?

FinanceITjobs.com is a targeted niche job board catering exclusively to Finance, Accounting & IT professionals. Our job site is a resource for all companies to attract local talent and allows professionals to seek jobs in Finance, Accounting & IT.

Our commitment is to only send our clients the best possible Finance, Accounting & IT candidates. We guarantee results immediately.  With our growing candidate database of local talent, we have access to a deep pool of Finance, Accounting & IT job seekers.

Whether it’s Accounting jobs, Finance Jobs, or Jobs in IT, FinanceITjobs.com links qualified job seekers with employers, creating a win-win situation.


Who are we?

FinanceITjobs.com was founded in 2008, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.   We believe by creating a unique job site engine, which is attributed to our job seeker and employer focus, we can help direct organizations in finding the Top ‘A’ Talent they seek. Our team is made up of experienced Certified Internet and Diversity Recruiters, Social Media Consultants, Finance and IT professionals.

Our Purpose & Our Goal –  Help as many people as we are able to help. Changing careers and finding talent is not always easy. We want to make it easier for everyone.

Why FinanceITjobs.com for Your Next Hire?

We are niche, we are focused and we know the local talent.

FinanceITJobs.com is the ideal job site to target both active and passive local talent. Easily find local Finance, Accounting & IT talent.

With our Unique Talent and Job Matching Algorithm Technology give employers and recruiters an advantage on finding the Top Local Talent they seek. Guaranteed results! 

Passive and Active Job Seekers visit FinanceITjobs.com daily, weekly, and monthly!  Our job seeker community is a community of only Finance, Accounting & IT professionals. Giving you instant access to top local talent who do not apply through major job boards!

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 Looking For A Job!

With our job matching algorithm technology we will help you land the perfect job in today’s Finance, Accounting & IT market with much less effort.Our new job matching algorithm technology filters out the posts you don’t want and automatically matches you to the jobs you do want and qualify for.

  • Immediately review jobs you qualify for based on your user profile & resume
  • Save time by applying with our One-Click application feature
  • Keep accurate tracking of all your job applications
  • Communicate with employers through your account (in real-time)
  • Receive job alerts about new job matches while maintaining complete anonymity
  • Be found by employers who are interested in your skills and work experience

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